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BREATHE Technique Effective in Reducing Stress Among Registered Nurses

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The founder of Encardia Wellness, John M. Kennedy, MD, is an American Heart Association member with a keen interest in workplace stress reduction. John M. Kennedy, MD, also leads the Interdisciplinary Team with the Kindred Health Systems in Gardenia, California. One of his most recent accomplishments was the creation of the BREATHE™ Technique, which centers on a cost-effective app-based tool that helps employees reduce emotional stress and the risk of heart disease.

An early 2019 study brought focus on workplace stress of registered nurses who work long hours, different shifts, and increased patient load. Twenty participants joined the stress study and were divided into two groups. The heart rate of the nurses in the control group was recorded before and after watching the video. On the other hand, the heart rate of the nurses in the study group was recorded prior to watching the educational video and after performing the BREATHE relaxation exercise, which incorporates guided imagery and controlled breathing. Pulse oximetry was used to record the heart rate of both groups.
The results revealed that although both groups initially reported stress at work, the study group showed a significant improvement in the heart rate after the BREATHE exercise. Compared to the control group, the study group had a heart rate reduction of 7 to 26 before and after BREATHE.

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